Players must be in good standing with HISD in order to be eligible to participate. If an athlete is

suspended from school for any reason, she will be ineligible to participate during the period of

suspension. This includes on and off campus suspension.

• Academic ineligibility will conform to Humble ISD rules.

• All Players must have a current US Lacrosse ID number.

KLL has both Off-Season (Fall Ball) and Regular Season (Spring) league participation. Although Fall Ball is not mandatory it is designed to enhance the mental, physical, and skills development of the athlete. The Head Varsity Coach must be notified if you are unable to participate in Fall Ball.

Players are expected to be at every practice and game. A coach must be notified ahead of time if any athlete will miss practice or a game. Missing a game or practice without permission may

result in suspension or removal from the team.

• Arrive at practices and games on time with required equipment (stick, goggles, mouth guard, cleats

and water) and appropriately dressed. Poor effort during practices, conditioning or games will not be tolerated. Poor effort, complaining and whining undermines not only what your Coaches are trying to accomplish, it brings about discourse with your teammates. Coaches want to see athletes improve physically and mentally. Solid effort during practice or conditioning events help coaches determine your role on the team.

If a player has a problem or question about Lacrosse, the Player must first approach the coach to discuss the matter. The player's parents should not become involved until after the coach/player conference has taken place. We encourage players to be responsible for themselves.

Playing for another Lacrosse team: KLL encourages personal growth which will enhance the player's abilities for overall team performance. Other Lacrosse commitments should be communicated to, and approved by, the Head Coach.

Quitting the Team: Think hard before you decide to go out for lacrosse. Think hard before you blurt out those words. Being a lacrosse athlete takes a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. Any participant who quits after they have begun will not be allowed to participate until the next mirrored lacrosse season. The only exception to this will be by a consensus from the Head Coach and the Board of Directors. (If there are any KLL Training rules, policy or code of conduct violations they will weigh on the decision.) Any athlete who quits the team forfeits their rights to any awards, position on the team, jersey number, letter jackets, and all post season awards.

Any behavior contrary to the above mentioned or any other act which is not conducive to good sportsmanship may result in removal from the game, practice, tournament, function, etc...and possible expulsion from the team.


The grooming policy for KLL is as follows:

Players will not have any unnatural hair color
Hair should be neatly groomed at all times
Tattoos are strongly discouraged. In the event that an athlete already has a tattoo, it is to remain covered at all practices and contests All jewelry including piercings, on any part of the body, must be removed prior to play. (US Lacrosse Rules)
Gang related apparel (colors, caps, bandanas, etc.) will not be allowed

Injuries: All injuries and/or serious illnesses must be reported to the Head Varsity Coach. Injuries need to be reported so that they can be properly cared for. All parties involved can be notified.

This may include but not limited to Parent(s), Guardians and or Coach. Concussions are addressed under specific procedures below.

1. If the athlete is referred to a physician or if they choose to visit a physician on their own,

documentation must be provided to the Head Coach and Registrar.

2. Documentation is to include the following:

a. Diagnosis

b. Status - not only what you can't do, but also what you can do,

c. Treatment

d. Next appointment date.

3. A release letter from the doctor must be provided to clear the Player for participation

4. If a player is under a physician's care for a serious illness, the procedure will follow that for




(see Humble ISD Athletic Policies for the Student Athlete)


Travel to and from away games during the weekdays will be via Humble ISD busses. All players are encouraged to travel as a team on the bus. A written travel release signed by a parent or guardian must be submitted to the Head Coach for players to return from those games in private vehicles. This requirement is to ensure player safety. Transportation to games that take place on the weekends will be the responsibility of the individual player. Under no circumstances will players be allowed to drive themselves to games.