Kingwood Ladies Lacrosse 20/21 Letter Jacket Policy

The K.L.L policy for qualifying for a Letter Jacket on the girls H.S. team is as follows

  1. Varsity players. (Players must have been on Varsity for at least half of the games played during Spring season.)
  2. Swing players may letter if they have been swing player for 2 years and played in at least half of the varsity games for those 2 years (Spring Season Only)
  3. Tournament games do not count unless approved by the board due to extenuating circumstances (Hurricane, Covid, Murder Hornets etc..)
  4. Players from high schools other than KHS that qualify under the clubs policy can get their schools letter jacket paperwork approved by the head coach.
  5. Transplants from other teams can qualify with a letter from their previous school/coach.
  6. Player is in good standing with the club and has adhered to the Club and HISD policies. (This includes the grade and uniform requirements.)
  7. In the case of only one team, lettering is at the coaches and boards discretion.