Kingwood Ladies Lacrosse (KLL) is a club sport and supports the Humble ISD District Athletic Policies. Any misconduct or breach of school rules at any time you are representing KLL (practices, scrimmages, games, buses, functions, etc.) may warrant additional disciplinary action as deemed necessary by Humble ISD. KLL representation is not limited to lacrosse season or school year and is applicable any time a player is wearing "Kingwood Lacrosse" apparel. 



The philosophy of the Kingwood Ladies Lacrosse program is to do more than provide competition. It is to teach fair play, sportsmanship, the understanding and appreciation of teamwork, the teaching of discipline and personal sacrifice, and that to quit means failure and hard work means eventual success. 

Participation in the KLL program is not a right but a PRIVILEGE. Therefore, it is imperative that all student-athletes taking part in the program understand the following athletic code and conform to the rules therein. The KLL coaches and KLL Board of Directors have the right and authority to remove individuals from participation in KLL activities for violations of the KLL or HIȘD Codes of Conduct. 


Players will always demonstrate positive behavior and respect toward teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and spectators. 

The player 's behavior on the field should be unquestionable. Athletes are on display. They are not only representing themselves but their community, school, coaches, team and family. Inappropriate displays of anger and disrespect to others will not be tolerated. The player must learn to deal with 

situations where things fail to go as they might desire. The player must never use profanity or resort to illegal tactics. She must learn that both winning and losing are part of the game and that you should win with grace and if you have to lose, then do it with dignity. Temper fits, disrespectful behavior, obscene gestures, violation of rules, etc... WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Bullying, either physical or verbal, and hazing of other players will not be tolerated. Such actions are serious offenses and may lead to suspension after investigation and review. 

Physical fighting during any KLL activity will be subject to immediate investigation and review and may result in suspension 

The players will use the internet or social media responsibly and in accordance with the Code of Conduct. They will not post disparaging comments regarding practices, games, officials, teammates, parents, or coaches nor will they post personal profiles and or pictures depicting any activities violating KLL Training Rules, Policies, and Code of Conduct. 


Players- You must wait until the next practice after a game to discuss playing time with a coach. You are to discuss playing time with your coach before your parents do. If there is a concern still after the discussion, then you may request a meeting with the coach, a board member, and your parent(s). 

Being a student athlete requires a lot of time management. If there are conflicts with school functions you need to let coach know in advance. Lacrosse is a commitment as well and all of your teammates are counting on you being there and putting in the time as much as they are. 

No phones to be used at practice (they must remain in backpacks during practice and breaks). No phones are to be used on the sidelines before or during a game. 


Use of tobacco of any kind is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited on all HISD property and at Insperity Field. Such prohibition may be similar at travel locations. Penalty for any violation is at the discretion of the Head Coach but may not include dismissal from the team without KLL Board approval. 

Use or possession of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs is prohibited. 

1st offense - The case will be reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee. The first offense will result in a suspension of the athlete ranging from 3 to 6 games. **On first offense the athlete may reduce suspension by 50% by completing an approved alcohol education class and completing 3 hours of approved community service for each game of the original suspension. 2. 2nd offense-Coach and board will discuss dismissal from team. 



Will conform to the Humble HISD Athletic Policies for the Student Athlete 



  • Will conform to the Humble ISD Athletic Policies for the Student Athlete 


Encourage your children regardless of their play; offer positive reinforcement. Demonstrate concern for the opposing team's players, as well as, the needs and desires of your child's teammates in addition to your own child. Help promote the team concept by encouraging all team members and understanding that the coach is responsible for determining playing time. Set a good example by showing the fullest respect to coaches, officials, players and other spectators. Be supportive and avoid being vocally critical of players. Remember, you are talking about someone else 's daughter and yours is not perfect either. 

Cheer with class; be gracious in victory and handle defeat with dignity; compliment extraordinary performance; and show respect for all competitors. Parents are to sit in the designated spectator area of the field which is opposite to the coaches and players. For games at the KFL fields the spectator area is outside of the yellow safety ropes. 

Parents- you may speak to the board members at any time about any issue. If a parent wishes to speak to the coach about an issue, they should arrange this through a board member. If you are concerned about your daughters playing time, please have her come talk to a coach at the next practice before you contact the coach. After your daughter has spoken to a coach and there is still a concern, then she can request a meeting with a coach, board member, and you. 

Unsportsmanlike or inappropriate conduct will result in the parent being removed from the playing field for the remainder of the game or the rest of the season as the situation warrants. The game's sideline manager has the responsibility to present a blue card to the offending spectator and to request them to remove themselves from the game area. 


Traveling and staying in hotels for out-of-town tournaments is a fun privilege the players enjoy during the season (Fall Ball or Regular Season). While traveling the players are under the supervision of the coaches and the chaperones. If they are not at the team hotel they would not be properly supervised; therefore all players are required to stay at the designated team hotel. While parents are not required to stay at the team hotel it is strongly encouraged. Unaccompanied players are responsible for their expenses and will be placed in supervised accommodations. 

This privilege will continue to be made available to players provided the following rules are adhered to: All of the guidelines regarding behavior, sportsmanship and respect will be strictly enforced. Always travel in a group or at least in twos. No one is allowed to leave hotel property without permission from a coach or chaperone. 

Follow the curfew and lights out rules set out by the coaches. Be in your room at curfew.Bed checks will be conducted and bags may be subject to inspection. 

Respect that there are other guests in the hotel by not roaming, running, playing or yelling in the hallways, stairwells, elevators or guestrooms. Do not, under any circumstance, enter someone's room that is not a member of your team. 

Anyone found in possession of or using alcohol, tobacco or drugs will be sent home immediately, at your parents' expense 

No one is allowed to ride in a vehicle unless it is with your coach, chaperone, parent or another team parent. Respect the "lights out" policy ...if you're not tired that means you're not playing hard! Please keep your personal belongings tidy and do your share to keep your room clean. Players will be held responsible for any damages to rooms. 


Violations of KLL, Humble ISD, UIL and TGHSLL Code of Conduct and/or Policies will be brought discreetly to the President, VP of the Board of Directors, Head Coach and Assistant Coach. The Disciplinary Committee will review and investigate the case within a 10-14 day time frame. Upon completion of the investigation the disciplinary committee will meet with the Head Varsity Coach and Assistant Coach to determine the appropriate consequences. 

1st offense - A 3-game/event suspension which can be carried 

over to the following season for completion. Fall Ball is an optional season. Regular season begins with the first day of school after the Winter break.

 2nd offense - Dismissal from the team until the next Regular Season 

Item A: Procedure for reporting Code of Conduct/Team Rules Violations 

  1. Anyone who feels the need to report an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct or Team Rules should first report the allegation to the H Coach. The Head Varsity Coach should endeavor to investigate and resolve the allegation within 10-14 days. 
  2. If the individual reporting the violation in step 1 is a player, and that player's parent or guardian does not feel that the issue was satisfactorily resolved, then the parent or guardian should approach the President or Vice-President of the board in order to agree on a path that will avoid further escalation. 
  3. In the event the alleged Code of Conduct/Team Rule violation is not satisfactorily resolved by the Head Varsity Coach, or a similar alleged violation involving the same player or family member occurs again in the future, the alleged violation should be brought to the attention of a KLL board member. That board member will discreetly bring it to the President of the Board of Director's attention who will then appoint an appropriate three member disciplinary committee to investigate the allegation. Upon completion of the investigation, the disciplinary committee will meet with the Head Varsity Coach to determine the appropriate consequences, if any, for the alleged violation. 

Any Player who is found in violations of the KLL Code of Conduct forfeits their rights to their position on the team, jersey number, letter jacket, and all awards 




I have read and understand the Kingwood Ladies Lacrosse Code of Conduct and Team Policies. I will do my part to make this season successful on and off the field. 

Athletic Policies for the Student Athlete Humble ISD and Code of Conduct for the Humble ISD Student Athlete 

I have read and understand the above Humble ISD and UIL student athlete policies. I agree to abide by all the Humble ISD and UIL policies. I further understand that these policies are in effect for one calendar year from the date signed. 

Player Signature 

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